Fancy a desert safari?  Ready for an expedition across unexplored paths? If yes, then let me interest you in the thrill of chasing sand dunes and a whole new adventure different from the traditional Kenyan safaris to national parks. Located in northern Kenya, Chalbi desert is the hottest and most arid part of the country. It’s a sandy desert, with hot temperatures and constant winds. Caravans of camels leisurely walking across the desert are a common sight. Activities in the Chalbi include, racing with dirt bikes on the sand dunes, adventures in search of beautiful oasis which makes the trip worthwhile with their cool breezes and palm trees. Camping out and watching the clear night skies are also very interesting. A fancy way to explore the desert is a tour of Suguta valley also known as the ‘valley of death’ on a helicopter ride. Top 10 Safari Destinations in Kenya

Suguta valley
Suguta valley

The valley is tough to access on land, but has some of the most beautiful terrains from lava flows of what remains from the teleki volcano, the cone of mount Nyiru can be seen.



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