Laikipia County is notorious for having hidden gems and Segera is one of those gems. Nested in the heart of Laikipia County overlooking the magnificent Mount Kenya, I cannot think of a better luxury retreat. Segera lies on a 50000 acre wildlife sanctuary. Who would have thought that such a small property would be classified as world’s smallest luxury hotel? This is the kind of place celebrities’ jet in and out and nobody has an idea. Segera is also known for incorporating sustainable tourism in efforts to protect the environment with their water and waste recycling programs, farming their own vegetables, having vast solar farms, sustainable livestock ranching as well as honey production. This has seen the the property win awards for being eco-friendly.

Pure Luxuries at segera

swimming pool at segera retreat
swimming pool at segera retreat

There are no perfect words to explain how good Segera is. The luxuries allow for one to escape the hectic and stressful world even for a few days and indulge in the wild in the most amazing manner. Segera provides an opportunity for individuals to live the dream life, guests at Segera are treated like royalties and thus it’s the best place to unwind while in Laikipia. It has 6 villas, Segera house as well as villa Segera. It caters for family needs, providing baby sitters as well as child friendly meals and activities. The spaces have warm interiors and wild surroundings where one is able to enjoy views of the wildlife from the comfort of their rooms. Segera incorporates African interiors and decors. Guests are treated to fine dining experiences with menus that focus on fresh, seasonal homegrown ingredients. Talking of luxury, Segera has a wellness centre that focuses on the general well being of the guests mind, body and soul. The wellness center offers a range of luxurious as well as holistic treatments and therapies.
The Ney Palad Bird Nest

The NAY PALAD Bird Nest - Segera Retreat
Did I mention that Segera has amazing architectural designs? If not let me introduce Segera’s Neypad bird nest. The Neypad birds just like the name suggests is a concept that offers one to sleep like a bird- set above the ground and with a 360 degree view of the property. Build alongside a river, the nay pads bird nest provides the best viewing point as it’s perched amid treetops. The Neypad is collaboration between Segera and Nay Palad and was designed by the French architect Daniel Poutez. Thinking of this place is bound to give someone wanderlust.
The Neypad is built to leave one in awe. It is the perfect location for watching sunsets, having lantern lit dinners, sleeping on luxury open air beds with fine linen and hot water bottles, while watching the beautiful African sky and on a clear night one can be lost counting the stars. I want to believe this is where dreams come true. Waking up to the sound of animals feeding in the nearby river is simply unbelievable. Watching the animals and sunrise from this point can only be termed as a dream come true. Breakfast picnics are also prepared. This is a perfect place for romantic getaways as well as proposals, who would remember to say no with such breathtaking views, huh.

helicopter ride at segera
helicopter ride at segera

Excursions available at Segera include helicopter rides over the beautiful landscapes that are close by such as Mount Kenya, Aberdare Mountain range as well as the Great Rift ValleyWildlife sightings as well as game drives are arranged at the property. Guests are able to see buffalos, elephants, lions, cheetahs, antelopes, zebras as well as monkeys.
Segera is involved in conservation by incorporating the 4c concept of Community, Commerce, Culture and Conversation in efforts to save the Ewaso ecosystem in which it lies. It also helps the community by building good relations on how to coexist with the wildlife.


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