10 Places to Visit in Nairobi Kenya

Nairobi National Park is unique by being the only protected area in the world with a variety of animals and birds close to a capital city. The park is a principal attraction for visitors to Nairobi. Nairobi National Park is one of the most successful of Kenya’s rhino sanctuaries that is already generating a stock for reintroduction in the species former range and other upcoming sanctuaries.
Nairobi, the city under the sun, is a beautiful place, from the natural wildlife habitats to parks and skyscrapers, there are a lot of beautiful places to visit in this city both for Kenyan residents and foreigners. With this in mind, here is a list of 10 places to visit that will make your visit to Nairobi memorable and enjoyable; Nairobi National Park This is the only national park in the world bordering a capital city. As the name suggests, Nairobi National Park is situated in the Kenyan capital. It is the oldest park in Kenya. It is famous for being a black rhino sanctuary and despite bordering the city, the park is home to over 400 species of birds, giraffes, gazelles, lions, buffalo, leopards and hyenas. You will surely catch four out of the big five here except for the elephants. Apart from the Mara, it is the other place for one to find a dense population of wildebeests after their migration. There are a couple of things to do here such as going on safari, walking trails, bird watching, bush dinners, and turtle and tortoise watching. Its proximity to the city means its accessibility by road for both the residents and foreign tourists with accommodation being readily available in the city.
Giraffe hovering over the Nairobi Skyline
Karura Forest Karura forest is the perfect natural place for hiking and picnicking, dog walking, and trail biking. Karura forest reserve is located in the northern part of Nairobi. It stands on 1,041 hectares, and is one of the largest urban gazetted forests in the world. Apart from hiking, and picnicking, the forest offers you a chance to see wildlife such as, Harvey’s Duiker, Grimm’s Duiker, Bushbucks, Bush pigs, Genet Cats, Civets, Bush babies, Porcupines, Syke’s Monkeys, Ground Squirrel, Hares and the Epauletted-bat. There are also over 200 species of birds recorded in the forest. It also offers you the chance to visit precolonial caves which were used by Kenya’s freedom fighters during their struggle for independence. The main entrance to Karura Forest is on the Limuru Road just after the Belgian Embassy. Karura offers you a chance see things, pause, recollect and rediscover yourself. Karen Blixen Museum This is the home where Karen Blixen the author of “Out of Africa,” lived between 1914 and 1931. If you are a fan of the book or the movie, “Out of Africa,”you definitely cannot afford to miss this visit. You will enjoy the guided tour of Karen’s house and home. The home is naturally beautiful and a visit to the rooms and the garden will make you feel as if you are reliving Karen’s life and if you haven’t read the book then this will give you a reason to read it. For the historians, this place gives you knowledge about the growth and development of Nairobi in the colonial era. Kenya National Archives Established in 1965, Kenya National Archives is a gem that holds 40,000 volumes of public records and archives. This information includes information on Kenya in the precolonial period and Kenya as it was in the colonial era. It’s a must visit for historians and anyone wanting to get knowledge of the country. Apart from Kenyan records, it contains other things such as African paintings and carvings and traditional African weapons located in the Murumbi gallery. The Murumbi gallery is solely the Pan-African art gallery in Africa with various collections from all over Africa. It is located right at the centre of the central business district next to Ambassadeur hotel, along Moi Avenue, making it easily accessible. The building that houses the Kenya National Archive also serves as a landmark and overlooks the landmark Hilton hotel. Kenya National Archives Ngong Hills If you have ever imagined vast areas of green hills with indigenous and exotic trees filled with fresh air and a spectacular view of the Great Rift Valley floor, then stop imagining because Ngong hills is exactly that place. The place is priceless as it offers you a chance to go for a group hike in all the seven hills and finally at the top of the seventh hill you can experience great beauty with a view of the great rift valley. Therefore, bring a camera because the views are spectacular and the memories to live for. Ngong Hills is also great for picnics, and has a zip line where you can enjoy zip lining. There are also other activities such as archery and shooting. The spectacular views and the fresh air brings things into perspective. If you haven’t been there, then this place is definitely worth trying. Giraffe Centre The Giraffe Centre gives you the chance to get up close with giraffes, touch them, feed them, take selfies and even get a kiss from a giraffe. Giraffe Centre is one of conservation success stories. Started in 1979 by the late Jock Leslie-Melville, a Kenyan citizen of Scottish descent, and his wife Betty Leslie-Melvill, the centre was founded to save the Rothschild Giraffe, a subspecies of the giraffe that was nearing extinction due to loss of habitat in Western Kenya. The Rothschild giraffe is unique to the grasslands of East Africa. A trip here offers the chance to learn about the Rothschild giraffe and the conservation story. It is easily accessible from the Central Business District by public transport or by taxi and accommodation sought in the city. Nairobi Safari Walk Nairobi Safari walk offers you a magical experience. Adjacent to the Nairobi National park, the Nairobi Safari walk is a chance to see what you expect to see in Kenya’s parks across the country. It consists of a raised wooden boardwalk that offers you a chance for a calm and peaceful walk and uninterrupted views of wildlife such as lions, leopards, rhinos, crocodiles, a pygmy hippo, a bongo, an albino zebra and a white rhino. It is also home to about 150 species of indigenous trees. Apart from the views, Nairobi Safari Walk shows you the need for conservation and why everyone should be involved in the process. Bomas of Kenya Bomas of Kenya is a cultural village just 10km away from the central business district located in Langata. Boma is African for homestead or an enclosure. The cultural village consists of Bomas from various Kenyan communities built to traditional specifications and architecture. Bomas of Kenya gives you the chance to experience Kenya’s rich diversity through architecture, and traditional dance and music. Through this, you get to relive to Kenya’s past and live in Kenya’s present. Nairobi National Museum Located on Museum Hill just 5 minutes from the Central Business district, the Nairobi National Museum displays Kenya’s rich nature, history, culture and heritage. Within the museum grounds, one can also find botanical gardens and a snake park. There is also an auditorium, that hosts film shows, and other concerts. A guided tour of the museum will take you about 2-3 hours while looking at the exhibits and another hour at the snake park. The snake park is a must see from me. Paradise Lost Located in Kiambu town which is 10km away from the city centre, Paradise lost resort and Park is magical and paradise-like. It offers a beautiful scenery of exotic and indigenous trees and a chance to visit the paradise lost caves which lie behind beautiful waterfalls of the Gichi river. Other activities include boat riding, fishing, picnic, boat riding, horse and camel riding, nature trails, bird watching and a visit to the nearby coffee farms.
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